Making College Cost Effective
One college textbook can cost as much as $100+. 
Ways to save big on college books.

Used textbooks are not only cheaper, but a lot of the time, you'll get someone else's notes in the margins or you'll see that they have highlighted the important section (you may save even more money if you purchase the book from the owner rather than the bookstore).

Go online:, Barnes & Noble's online store, eBay, and Craig's List are all good resources to buy used textbooks at extreme discounts; plus, all of these online retailers let users list their own used books.

Rental textbooks & loaned textbooks, and allow you to rent textbooks.  Borrowed books can be found at the public library.  Most books at the campus library are usually checked out and before the semester begins, and are continually renewed throughout the term; however, few students utilize the local branches.

Share the deals: Let your peers know of the savings you found. This could benefit you in the future. 

by Liz Funk