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College Requirements

To maintain ACE eligibility, every ACE graduate must:

  • Complete a Financial Aid Folder at the college you are attending (Amarillo College or West Texas A&M University) by the following dates:  

  • June 1 Fall Semester
  • October 1 Spring Semester

  • Maintain a 2.5 grade point average or higher every semester
  • Register for and successfully complete 12 semesters hours or moreevery semester
  • Enroll at Amarillo College or West Texas A&M University within one year of high school graduation from Palo Duro High School
  • Attend each consecutive fall and spring semester

Federal Financial Aid Requirements


  • FAFSA Application/Renewal
  • Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Verification
  • Completion of Financial Aid Folder


Graduates are required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by June 1 every year for Amarillo College or West Texas A & M University. Federal financial aid is used to pay for tuition, fees and books for those who qualify. Remember ACE is the “last money” in. Failure to complete the FAFSA will result in the inability to access funds from the ACE Program if needed. It is advised to complete the FAFSA as soon as both student and parent(s) have filed taxes. To complete the FAFSA, students will need the following:

  • Previous years IRS tax return information for student and parent(s)
  • Previous year W-2’s for student and parent(s)
  • Social Security Number or Permanent Resident Card
  • FSA ID (Student and one parent must have an IDIt is your electronic signature used prior to submission of your FAFSA).

The Department of Education Website to apply for FAFSA is:

FAFSA’s must be submitted using the Data Retrieval Tool; failure to use will guarantee student will have to complete verification process.

Student Aid Report

After submission of the FAFSA, students will be notified by email that the Student Aid Report (SAR) is ready to download. Students are to review the SAR to ensure all information is correct. If there is an error, corrections can be submitted at the time of review. The SAR will be sent to each college you specified while filling out the FAFSA. The student must submit a copy of the SAR by mail, fax or email tot he ACE Program Director every year.


Students are randomly selected for a process called verification. If your FAFSA is selected for verification, the college(s) you selected while filling out the FAFSA will contact you by emailand request additional documentation. Remember failure to use the Data Retrieval Tool will guarantee you are selected for verification. Typical requests are:

  • Correct FAFSA by utilizing the Data Retrieval Tool (this will link to IRS to fill in income information)
  • Copies of both student and parent W-2’s
  • Copies of Social Security Cards
  • Selective Service Registration
  • Dependent or Independent Verification form (provided by the college requesting the documentation)

Colleges can ask for additional documentation and it is the responsibility of the student to provide all documents requested. ACE funds will not be released to AC or WTAMU for you if you fail to complete this step.

Completion of Financial Aid Folder

Students are advised to contact the college they plan to attend to verify all requested documents have been submitted. When the college acknowledges receipt of all requested documents, then the students’ financial aid file is considered complete. It is the students’ responsibility to contact the college and to submit all required documents to the financial aid office in a timely manner.  Failure to complete the financial aid file by June 1 can result in no ACE funding for the fall semester. Contact the ACE Program Director, Connie Bradford, at 806.350.4518 or email: , if you have any questions concerning the procedure.

College Deadlines and Information

Amarillo College

West Texas A & M University

Helpful Contact Information: 

ACE Program Director                                    ACE College Liaison Assistant

Connie Bradford                                             Cynthia Estrada

1400 N Grant                                                  3001 E 34th St

Amarillo, TX                                                    Amarillo, TX  79103

806.350.4518 - Office                                     806.326.2227 – Office

806.381.7348 – Fax                                        806.371.5517 – Fax                                 

PO Box 447                                                        2501 4th Ave.
Amarillo Texas 79178-0001                              Canyon Texas 79016-0001
806.371.5000   Main Number                            806.651.0000    Main Number

806.371.5310 Financial Aid Office                 806.651.2055 Financial Aid Office

806.371.5030 Admissions                              806.651.2020 Admissions

806.371.5066 Registrar                                  806.651.4911 Registrar

806.371.5445 Testing                                    806.651.2341 Testing

                                                                                      806.651.3000  Residential Living

                                                                       806.651.5300  Advising STARR Center)

806.651.5300  Student Support Services

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