Career & Technology
Department Head
Errington, Gina 326-2477 eugenia.errington@amaisd.org
Building Maintenance, Advanced Building Maintenance
Errington, Stan 326-8096 stanley.errington@amaisd.org
Career Prep & Dollars and Sense 
Austin, Lazane 326-2476 lazane.austin@amaisd.org
Intro to Horticulture, Entrepreneurship, and Landscape Design 
Camp, Russell 326-8053 russell.camp@amaisd.org
DIM, Accounting I & II, Commercial Photography 
Errington, Gina 326-2477 eugenia.errington@amaisd.org
Auto Collision & Advanced Auto Collision
Fincher, Skeet 326-2492 skeet.fincher@amaisd.org
Principles of Information Technology, Computer Programming,  Principles of Education & Training, Girls Softball Coach 
High-Prempeh, Joyce 326-2495 sylvia.highprempeh@amaisd.org
Touch Systems, Hospitality & Tourism; Principles of Restaurant Management, GBB
High, Stacey 326-8085 stacey.high@amaisd.org
Commercial Photography, Advanced Commercial Photography, Web Application
Ivy, Esmeralda 326-2514 esmeralda.ivy@amaisd.org
Human Growth, Dollars & Sense, Student Council
Willburn, Dawn 326-2441 dawn.willburn@amaisd.org
McDaniel, Kacie 326-2473 kacie.mcdaniel@amaisd.org
Instructional Practices and Education
White, Michelle 326-6050 michelle.white@amaisd.org
Culinary I
Hernandez, Mario 326-2433 mario.hernandez@amaisd.org
Principles of Manufacturing and Building Maintenance
Swearingen, Keith keith.swearingen@amaisd.org
Floral Design
McWilliams, Haley 326-2469 haley.mcwilliams@amaisd.org
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement I, Law Enforcement II 
Ivie, Tony 326-8140 tony.ivie@amaisd.org
Welding and Advanced Welding
Winborne, Will 326-2487 will.winborne@amaisd.org
Professional Communication
Davis, Claire 326-8154 claire.davis@amaisd.org
Electronics, Advanced Electronics, and Concepts of Engineering
Schrader, Craig craig.schrader@amaisd.org
Principles of Health Science and Health Science
Pierson, Vanese diana.pierson@amaisd.org