ACE College FAQ's

ACE College FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

Q.  What will ACE pay for?

ACE pays for tuition, fees and books after all other federal financial aid and scholarships are applied.  ACE is the "last money" in.  Only items that are required and can be purchased through the bookstore are approved for ACE pay.  ACE will not pay for musical instruments, tools, stethoscopes or other non-consumable items.  If you have any questions, please contact the ACE Program Director.

Q.  If I start at a college other than AC or WTAMU, can I transfer back and use ACE?

A.  A student must start within 1 year of high school graduation to use their ACE Scholarship.  So, the hours and grades at another institution have no effect on ACE eligibility.  The student must contact the ACE Program Director and complete all financial aid requirements prior to any ACE funds being released.

Q.  Do I have to attend every semester once I have started with ACE?

A.  Yes.  ACE students must remain continuously enrolled at Amarillo College or WTAMU once they start as an ACE student.

Q.  What do I do if I have problems and need to drop a class?

A.  Prior to dropping a class, contact your advisor at the college and the ACE Program Director.

Q.  What happens if I fail to complete my financial aid folder by the June 1st deadline?

A.  You will no be elibigle for ACE funding until this has been met.  But, you must also remain enrolled continuously at Amarillo College or WTAMU.  If you are having problems completing your file, contact the ACE Program Director.

Q.  If I did not qualify for federal aid last year, do I have to reapply this year?

A.  Yes.  You must apply every year and complete your financial aid folder.

Q.  Why should I keep my ACE if federal aid or other scholarships are paying for my college?

A.  ACE students are provided with many other benefits besides the scholarship money.  Benefits include extra support at both Amarillo College and WTAMU, newletters, updates, reminders of deadlines and assistance with financial aid applications and processes.  Also, ACE is a safety net in case your financial aid situation changes and you are no longer eligible to receive federal assistance or other scholarships.

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