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Posted by Elaine Loughlin On 02/13/2009 at 5:22 AM  60 Comments

Leslye Monroe- Johnson (Guest) said On 12/16/2009 at 7:42 AM
I love this book,it's just like most of many situations going on at this school. The book kept me interested because the boy is telling the story backwards. Bobby is a fifteen yr father that is raising a child on his own.He is still in school and is doing a very good job. The cilds mothers parents really don't approve of Bobby. It's a funny situation. At the end of the story Bobby tells that the mother of his child passed away during delivery. I hate this part, theres no happy ending.Sorry :( -Leslye Monroe- Johnson  
Zaira Ruiz (Guest) said On 12/11/2009 at 6:39 AM
Author Shapphire wirtes a book about this sixteen year old girl named presious,the book is short but the story it really hit me. the book was really sad, it made me thought about the real world and it shows how people could be so cold hearted. i really loved the book, it was a book that i could relate to.   
Zaira Ruiz (Guest) said On 12/11/2009 at 6:39 AM
Author Shapphire wirtes a book about this sixteen year old girl named presious,the book is short but the story it really hit me. the book was really sad, it made me thought about the real world and it shows how people could be so cold hearted. i really loved the book, it was a book that i could relate to.   
Kolby Dunn (Guest) said On 12/10/2009 at 4:31 AM
So far in this book im really likeing it about this young man who once finshed middle school became an gang member (the crips) at the age of 16 he has already killed 20 people last time i left off he was walking to the story and there was another gang that was trying to kill him   
Stephanye Brandt (Guest) said On 12/04/2009 at 6:30 AM
Clarieece Precious Jones is a teenage girl who overcomes a lot of tragetic moments as she gets older. From having a learning disability to abusive parents. She suffered from emotional and physical abuse that made her wonder why she lived the way she lived. Her mother was a complete abuser emotionally and for her father he was the most physical abuser. Precious went to school and soon she was hit with a life responsibility. Not one but several. She went to school to get an education she never recieved. From dropping in and out of school it soon made a positive change in her life. Once she realized that she could do what ever she wanted to do with an education. Living life was a struggle never knowing how she was going to survive and who was going to harm her next. Who was going to love her back? Who was going to show her that everything was going to be okay? She did not know how she was going to make it with each responsibility she had to take care of. She always wanted to better herself no matter what even when she gave up she knew she couldn't stop. It really wasn't an option for her. Precious had to keep thriving forward in her every day life. Claireece Precious Jones is a inspiration for most people who knows what it is like to go through a rough hard-not life. Learning everything at such a young age that most children tend not to have to deal with, she dealt with it. She had dreams of everything most people tend to get and reality of everything most people never thought of having. I believe Precious motto was push yourself, when you feel you can't make something of yourself because of your surroundings. Be whoever you want to be and become who you always dreamed of being.Never settle for anything you dont want but for something that will only make you better.   
Jessica Gomez (Guest) said On 12/03/2009 at 6:52 AM
In "push" the young girl finds herself with emotional abbuse andphysical abuse. She gets pregnet at the young age of 11 by her own father as the story continues, she has a 2nd baby and finds that she has aids. That her father passed to her. This is a very good book i suggest that you take a look at it!JessicaG  
David Mogi (Guest) said On 11/06/2009 at 6:34 AM
Am at the begining of Eragon's third book (Brisingri)Eragon and His causin Roran Joined allies and started preparing for attack on the empire under king Galbatorix's ruling. I wonder how long it will take them to defeat Galbatorix, since they have joined Allies not only with the Carvahall(Roran) worriors but also with Urgals and Kulls. I can't wait to see what happen next. It just get more interesting as I dig deeper and deeper into this book.  
Guest (Guest) said On 11/06/2009 at 6:22 AM
In "Twilight", a girl named bella moves from arizona to forks Wash. Bella then see's a boy named edward who she likes, but he seems to be a outcast from the rest of the school. As the story goes on her and edward become friends and he revels to her that he is a vampire she then i chased down an evil vampire and saved by edward and the cullens. Bella is now in love with edward and would like to now become a vampire. Wesley B.   
Stephanye Brandt (Guest) said On 11/06/2009 at 6:19 AM
Maybe, I should, maybe I shouldn't. In the book 'Maybe' this guy named Brain, moves to a new house and starts at a new school. He starts out wondering how is it going to be like starting at a new school with out any friends. He meets this girl who he starts to have questions about. His a teenage boy who has sex constantly on his mind. Being a virgin is a struggle for him. He sees everything he likes about a girl and wants to have it in the most sexual way possible. He endures a lot of peer pressure from this girl and her friends. Being the new guy can mean you have to make a lot of decisions that are complicated in order to feel like you either belong or don't belong. Just maybe you should read the rest of the book to see how he handles every day with the sign of sex raging his mind and the pressure of this new girl he meets at his school. Maybe you will enjoy the book and maybe you won't.   
Guest said On 04/08/2009 at 4:22 PM
Eragon's trip to see the elves seem very long in the book. I wonder if Eragon will start looking like an elf by the time he gets to the city. Eragon is also falling for the elf girl, Arya. I find it weird because she is like 100 years old and Eragon is closer towards my age, 17. I wonder if Arya will start to like Eragon too, she might not because he's a "human being" but there is a chance for something new. ---- Tammy Ratsaboud [Make up blog for 2.16 (Feb. 16 ?) .. ]  
Guest said On 04/06/2009 at 2:39 PM
I really enjoyed this book. Reading about Jeannette's stuggle throughout her life was interesting. She made the decision to leave her parents side to start a better life not just for her but for her siblings. Moving to New York changed her life completely. Trying to help her parents out because they were living the streets of New York. By the end of the book her father Rex Walls died and it distanced there family. Til one year Jeannette's fiance decided to bring the family together again on Thanksgiving. ~Caroline Isra  
Guest said On 04/06/2009 at 2:36 PM
<a href="" title="Wordle: The Glass Castle"><img src="" alt="Wordle: The Glass Castle" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>  
Guest said On 03/21/2009 at 5:43 PM
I have recently completed my book; Stiff by Mary Roach. The book is quite interesting and I recommend it to anyone that is into the process of the human body decomposition. If you have a weak smotach then you might want to stir far away from this book. Tony Nguyen  
Guest said On 03/13/2009 at 5:19 AM
How tough is it to break these bad habbits that have formed? Tony was so used to overdosing on pills to take care of his emotional problems. While he was in Aspen Springs, the rehab center, he would begin to feel depressed and sad like he was while he was in the outside world. As a result, he would save up the pills given to him by the nurses and take them all at once to overdose just like he did when he wasn't locked up in there. So I'm pretty sure that it's not an easy thing to do. I suppose a habbit is just another part of you, good or bad. I'm still puzzled on the fact that these people would cause harm to their own bodies as a way out of their emotions. -Mason Bannavong-  
Guest said On 03/13/2009 at 5:11 AM
There are perfectly logical reasons for people to cut, overdose, or be suicidal. Even though i wouldn't handle my situations like that, I understand their view and actions better now. The three characters in this book, Conner, Vanessa, and Tony, all are in situations that are harsh on a teenage mind. At the same time, the people around them aren't able to see and understand these situations, because it's all in their personal life. - Mason Bannavong -   
Guest said On 03/13/2009 at 5:06 AM
<a href="" title="Wordle: Mind Gym"><img src="" alt="Wordle: Mind Gym" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>  
Guest said On 03/13/2009 at 5:01 AM
I recommend Watchmen to anybody who has never read a comic book. It's one of the best comics to start with. Also, read the novel before you watch the movie or else you will be very confused throughout the entire movie.  
Guest said On 03/13/2009 at 4:55 AM
I wonder if anybody has ever actually tried dressing up in a costume and fighting crime. If they did, why have we never heard of them on the news, and what overcame them to become a "super hero"?  
ealoughl said On 03/12/2009 at 3:34 PM
Whose blog is this?  
Guest said On 03/12/2009 at 3:15 AM
I finished this book and I strongly reccommend it! I would have never imagined it to end the way it did. So COOL! I couldn't put it down, however I wouldn't reccommend it for the weak stomached! *hint*hint*  
Guest said On 03/12/2009 at 3:13 AM
I recently read two of the post secret books, and they're very interesting. I didn't even know about post secret until Issy mentioned it. Some secrets are scary, it makes me want to know more, but then again I don't, I may have nightmares! Abril Vazquez   
Guest said On 03/12/2009 at 12:44 AM
Finally!! Harriet sees that it was all lust. More than six years later she marries a Senator. About time she gets over Toma!!! Toma, on the other hand, now sees that maybe the past wasn't just lust. Too late for him, though. After Toma realizes this he moves on to wanting Olivia. Because Olivia's husband is abusive, both sexually and physically, I think that she will realize that Toma is better for her and fall in love him. As for Harriet, I hope she stays with the senator and leaves Toma to be. -Stephanie Guajardo: Make-up 2.20  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 3:50 AM
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 3:48 AM
With the start of the book a timid girl by the name of Sophie works in lonesome in her deceased father's hat shop. Everyday she goes through the regular routine as the eldest of her 2 sisters, she takes responsibility for the shop so she takes care of it with her stepmother while her sisters go and have whatever occupation they want. One day when she decides to visit her sister she runs in to a mysterious stranger who is secretly the wizard Howl, known for stealing the hearts of pretty women in order to keep youth. This encounter sparks the plot of the story as troubles unravel after this acquaintance.  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 3:45 AM
I don't understand why Polonius would not want his only daughter to marry the Prince. Isn't that an honor? At first I thought it was because she was below him and would nevcer marry, but at her funeral the Queen says she wished her to be her new daughter. So why not?o_O Issy Cabello Make-Up 2.20  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 2:53 AM
I finally checked out Martyn Pig and began reading. I don't understand why he is so concerned with his name. If he was fat it might be a little funny but he isn't. I mean it could be worse. Why is that the climax of his problems before his fathers death. Issy Cabello Make-Up 3.06  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 2:50 AM
In the book Jesus Freaks, there are a varity of short stories telling of the marytrs of the 19th century. In one a young girl refused to allow the comander of the army "take her" in her attempt to stay pure in the name of the Lord. As her punishment she was stripped naked, tied to four horses, and ripped to pieces infront of the villiage. Scared the beegebes out of me! Issy Cabello Make-Up 2.27  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 2:45 AM
OK so I started reading this book because I saw the previews at the movies. It seemed like a really good movie. I haven't seen the movie but so far a thumbs down for the book. I can't get into it Im in the fourth chapter. :(( Abril Vazquez  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 2:45 AM
As the hunt goes on with Bella on the search for Edward to quit going suicide what is the driving force that causes her to want to stop such an event. I believe the reason she wishes to save him is because she has no other reason to live on if he is dead with the thought that it was her fault for his demise which sparks her adventure to save him. -Khamvongsa  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 1:31 AM
<a href="" title="Wordle: Specials"><img src="" alt="Wordle: Specials" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>  
Guest said On 03/10/2009 at 12:26 AM
Hey Mrs. loughlin this is Jour'Dan and I forgot to put my name on two of my blogs. The one about the homeless girl and her mother and the one right above it about the inspirational book. Jour'Dan Gardner  
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 7:27 AM
I have just started reading "Always Running" is about a young boy who gets involved in the gang life in L.A. His father leaves the family when he is young and has to grow up without a father. Most young adults who have been left by their parents get involved in stuff that is not good for them since they don't have a good role model to look up to. I don't understand why parents are not always there for their children. Carla Alvarado   
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 6:55 AM
Are all men's lives of equal worth? Society teaches us that the person sitting next to you has as much potential as everyone else in the room, but potential has to be matched with drive for anything to come of it. In Day of the Dragon, a novel written by Richard A. Knaak, there are characters that give their lives for the "greater good" of their planet. These selfless acts make me wonder if they could have done more for the planet had they not given their lives. What if Martin Luther King Jr. had given his life for a friend of his before he played his part in the Civil Rights Movement? Our nation may have taken a completely different path when equal treatment was brought to their attention. A scary thought, no? Marshall D.  
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 6:46 AM
I finished Eragon over the weekend, and with the ending I saw a finish to the misory that Eragon has experienced. It seemed to me that this story was more over a simple roller-coster ride, where at the beginning Eragon was happy, then reaching the middle of the story, many unhappy and unforgiving experiences happened, and then the ride ends with Eragon winning against the shade, the varden still alive and Eragon learning of where to go to learn more magic. He experienced many difficulties during his journey, and after it is over, he ends up with a slight happy ending, even though he is still cursed with the symbol of his pain in the past through the wound on his back. Jesse Mata  
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 6:39 AM
The world's problems are too small for a single person to carry, a fact all of the characters in this book seen to ignore. Although their intentions are good, they end up getting themselves into positions where someone else gets hurt while attempting to helping them. Asking for aid from others can put them in harms way, but not telling them anything can do the same. The world's issues should be shared by everyone, only then can we truly accomplish anything on a grand scale. No one is alone in their struggle, something I need to learn as well. Marshall D.  
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 6:03 AM
<a href="" title="Wordle: Crank"><img src="" alt="Wordle: Crank" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a> - Vy Nguyen  
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 5:56 AM
In "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins, Kristina's life changes forever when she takes a visit to her dads. She changes her name to Bree, who is like her alter ego, and is introduced to the "monster" by Adam, someone who she falls in love with. The "monster" is a addictive drug that takes control of her life. When she comes back home from her visit to her dads, her family see the changes she has made. - Vy Nguyen  
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 5:24 AM
This book is an inspirational book that builds character and teamwork. It makes a point that you cant let other people control your motions because if you do then you wont get anywhere in life. Which can relate to alot of my friends I know and myself included  
Guest said On 03/09/2009 at 5:19 AM
My book is about a girl and her mom who are homeless because the girls father left her mom with nothing when she was younger. I feel like I can relate to the young girl because my mom faced some of the same troubles when I was younger but we werent homeless.  
Guest said On 03/06/2009 at 2:56 AM
<a href="" title="Wordle: Untitled"><img src="" alt="Wordle: Untitled" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a> Audrey Guerrero  
Guest said On 03/06/2009 at 2:29 AM
I have just started reading this book and so far I'm not sure what the purpose is. I undertand that the narrator is having troubles and being picked on in high school, but what is her issue that she needs to "SPEAK" out about? Gina Leeeeeee  
Guest said On 03/05/2009 at 5:24 AM
^^ from Hoai Ha  
Guest said On 03/05/2009 at 5:23 AM
Kristina turns 18 and she thinks she can now finally have all the freedom she wants, freedom to hook up with the monster. She applies for a job at 7-Eleven and works for her own money. Though she recieves hundreds of dollars from her birthday, she still owes money to Hunter's piggy bank and for the 8-ball that she bought from Trey. Bree continues to take over whenever she wants and controls Kristina's actions and words. That makes me wonder if she will ever learn to block out Bree and start living her life the right way.  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 4:30 AM
<a href="" title="Wordle: City of The Beasts"><img src="" alt="Wordle: City of The Beasts" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 4:30 AM
<a href="" title="Wordle: Watchmen"><img src="" alt="Wordle: Watchmen" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 4:25 AM
<a href="" title="Wordle: A Fistful of Charms"><img src="" alt="Wordle: A Fistful of Charms" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 3:03 AM
In City of the Beasts, there's a bit of an evil plot by Mauro Carias, a man who's traveling with Alex and the team. He converses in secrecy about certain plans with another man. Their objective isn't clear, but it seems like they're after the ancient city of gold, El Dorado. They want to get rid of the natives hidden deep within the Natives and strip them of their possessions. Possessions which have great value. Nadia and Alex know they're up to something, but who knows how the'll stop Carias and his partner. Maybe they'll get help from the People of the Mist, a group of natives who flow freely without ever being spotted. Who knows. Jose Torres  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 3:00 AM
In the book Stiff by Mary Roach, the author explains how the dead could not only be sad; but also humorous. People who often work with dead body are used to being surrounded by deceased body, and they try to make the best out of it. Mary explains how the people at the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility makes working with dead bodies enjoyable and fun. Tony Nguyen  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 3:00 AM
I was wondering why at the end of the book Rick mentions his father again? If he feels sorry that he didn't get to apologize to his father before he past away? Also if he has any regrets about his father?  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:58 AM
Eragon has had his fortune told to him by the witch, Angela. His fortune certainly gave him much to think about. Along with that, they have begun searching through the files of shipments of a certain type of oil in order to try and track his uncle's killers. It has proved to be a slow process due to the fact that Eragon had to learn to read first. All this looking and searching is putting them behind in their journey. Will they find the killers or will all this hard work and training go to waste? -Alicia L.  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:56 AM
From where I left off, Jeannette was trying to take her mother and father in because they were living on the streets in New York since none of the kids wanted to take them in. So Jeannette confronted her mom and her mom said "being homeless is an adventure." Her mom wouldn't except anything from her kids because they don't want to except the fact that there parents are homeless. Caroline I.  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:56 AM
This book seems to be just like Ellen Hopkins books. Which they all make me wonder why in the world would these kids try these horrible drugs anyway? Everybody has their own way of dealing with life's problems, but really is drugs and alcohol the way to go? I think not, but it seems to me that more people everyday are turning to that. As for meth, I really dont understand why anyone would want to do it. The thought of rotten teeth is enough for me. I have seen pictures of people who have been or was currently on meth, and I just can't seem to understand what drives a person to do meth knowing that they are frying brain cells,ruining their bodies, and are ruining their teeth. I just couldn't do it. I think it would be kind of cool to work with people like this though, not for long though might sadden me too much.~~Kamisha.Washington~~  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:55 AM
In my book it really got to me, when Rick recalled his mother trying to get money together for his class ring. When her own shoes were so worn out that her toes were sticking out. How she would wear clothes from the Salvation Army, and spend all of her earnings on her sons.  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:54 AM
At one agency, Cheryl meets another model. She is more experience than Cheryl is and came from Paris to get signed in Manhattan. The bookers rejected the experienced model and wanted Cheryl. Why do they not want the more experience model and Cheryl? Does Cheryl have some kind of look that the bookers are looking for?   
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:52 AM
In the Last Lecture I find it amazing that someone can know that they are dying,and still find the will and/or strength to keep pushing and enjoying time. Personally, I too would want to live out my wildest dreams, however the fact that I know I don't have much time would probaly depress me. I am proud of Randy Pausch for telling his story, and living his wildest dreams. Kamisha.Washington  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:52 AM
In The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls lived a crazy childhood. She never had a stable home. Her parents to me seemed like crack heads. They never had a stable job and the kids starved most of the time. Later on in the book Jeannette moved to New York City with her younger siblings. I'm not done with the book but im almost there. Caroline I.  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:51 AM
As Eragon continues on his journey, he is learning much more about himself. He is still on the hunt for his uncle's murderers and is determined to get his revenge. He is also realizing the he can trust no one but himself. He has found out that Brom is hiding many things from him and can no longer trust him. How will the relationship between Brom and Eragon end? Will they ever be able to get past their differences to where Eragon will be able to trust Brom again? -Alicia L.  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:47 AM
In City of the Beasts, there's one specific theme which the story revolves around, which is Equivalent Exchange."You cannot gain something without giving up something of equal value in return." Just paraphrasing, but when I read this, it reminded me of an anime called, Fullmetal Alchemist, which revolves around the same theme. It's pretty cool to see how Allende, the author, adapts this theme in her story. It'll be interesting to see if what the characters, Alex and Nadia, gave up, will be worth what they gained. Jose Torres  
Guest said On 02/27/2009 at 2:46 AM
In Model, Cheryl shows her ability to bluff one modeling agency that she would leave for another one. She wants the agency to meet with her demands. She lets them know that she is a valuable person that they need. Why would a modeling agency like that want to keep her so bad that they will meet her demands? Are they at desperate need? Linh T.  
Guest said On 02/26/2009 at 3:21 PM
In Candy, a boy who never gets that much attention from anyone and who is always on his own falls madly in love with a prostitute. He ends up devoting his life to help her get out of her heroine-addiction life and away from her "pimp" who beats her. This makes me wonder how people can find the courage to do something that is way out of their comfort zone & can get them killed. -- Tammy Ratsaboud  
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