Welcome back! 
Welcome back Dons! 
The Career Information Center is here to help you with any of your future plans during and after high school.
Please take advantage of our Bridges website.  All Dons have an account with Bridges. Research careers, colleges/universities, and scholarships.
Portfolio name:  amaisd followed by your ID#
Password:  birthdate    yyyymodt

ACT/SAT tests should be taken this semester (go to for preparation and practice test; click testgear). 
Perferrably the first semester. 
Most scholarships will want these scores. 
All 4-yr. institutions require an ACT and/or SAT score.

Athletes planning to be scouted by colleges/universities should apply with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
Be sure to send you ACT/SAT scores to the Clearinghouse organization (9999).

Apply for admissions to colleges/universities.  By this time you should have narrowed your choice of institution to 3.  Be sure to check the deadline date for admissions of your chosen institution.

Apply for scholarships.
Apply for as many scholarships as possible (see the CIC webpage for more information and websites).

Apply for financial aid.  This process will begin in January.

Prepare for the PSAT (go to for practice test; click testgear)
Start researching scholarships
Research colleges/universities
Research careers.
Take the ACT/SAT in June. 

You are not forgotten. 
Stay focused. 
Enter some of the online writing contests (poetry, music, short stories.....) Check the CIC webpage for more information; click contests/competitions.  These contests/competitions can lead to money for your futures.  Become a published author while in high school

I hope to see you all in the Career Information Center.  If you can't drop by, just BLOG!
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